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Welcome to Ecology Consulting

Our Experience

Ecology Consulting is an ecological consultancy that specialises in ornithological and other ecological survey and assessment, and in bird conservation management. Our experience includes ornithological and other ecological survey, advisory and assessment work for over 350 wind farm projects in the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Poland, Bulgaria, Canada, Mongolia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Australia and New Zealand, including both onshore and offshore developments. Though most of our work to date has related to wind farms, we also have experience with a wide range of other developments including biomass power stations, port developments and landfill sites. We have worked as expert ecological consultants to several UK Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects, including the Kentish Flats offshore wind farm Extension, North Blyth Biomass Project, Able Marine Energy Park and Rampion Offshore wind farm (all of which have received consent). We also have extensive experience of Habitats Regulations Assessment, with over 30 completed.

Our Services

Our aim at Ecology Consulting is to provide the full range of ecological services, from advice on initial development site searches, survey planning and design, ecological risk assessment, full ecological impact assessment, post-submission ecological expert support (including at public inquiry), advice through construction and post-construction monitoring.